Matthew Jarvis

About Matthew Jarvis

Advisor | Author | Speaker

In 2020 Matthew’s firm, Jarvis Financial, ended the year with ~$1.5M in revenue on just shy of $200M of AUM and a 50%+ profit margin (EBOC), all while taking some 250+ ‘free days’ (days when he did not work). While this puts him at the pinnacle of ‘lifestyle firms’, it was a long and hard journey.

Just 10 years prior Jarvis was buried in debt, with a badly struggling practice and a morning routine of trying to figure out how to quit the industry without looking like a failure. Through several turns of fate (including an opportunity to be coached by one of the industry’s most successful advisors, Tom Gau), Jarvis clawed his way from near failure to the top of the industry. Today, in addition to running his ‘incredibly profitable and successful’ practice, Jarvis teaches other advisors how to duplicate his own success in their practice.

When not running his practice or coaching advisors (i.e. on his 250 free days each year), Jarvis can be found traveling with his family around the world (including a 6-month boat trip), mountain biking, dirt biking or doing crazy adventures with Micah.

Matthew’s book Delivering Massive Value, outlines a system you can actually replicate to increase your business’s efficiency, attract more A-level clients, and build the practice of your dreams.

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Our industry seems to me unique—and certainly not in a good way—in the volume of practice management literature which is regularly turned out by people who have never practiced. Indeed, I can’t think of any other profession in which this is the case.

— Nick Murray

As noted by Nick Murray, our industry is full of studies and ‘experts’ that will tell you how your practice should look and what measurements or KPIs are most important. We also have an equal number of advisors whose practice is really strong in a narrow area, but at the cost of other critical areas.

The following is Matthew’s definition/ benchmark/ requirement of a Highly Profitable, Hyper-Efficient, Lifestyle Practice

  • $1,000,000+ of gross revenue per lead advisor
  • 50% profit margin after all expenses (i.e. EBOC)
  • Prospect pipeline proven to generate $15M+ of new assets annually
  • System for receiving consistent referrals from COIs
  • Prospect process that converts 90% of qualified prospects into clients WITHOUT any kind of hard sell
  • 80-120 vacation days annually (defined as laptop closed days)
  • Deliver massive value to clients each quarter
  • Deliver advice in layman’s terms (e.g. One-Page Financial Plan)
  • Ability to demonstrate client’s financial health on one document (e.g. Guardrails)
  • Team of rockstar employees to whom nearly all sub-$1,000/hour tasks are delegated
  • Streamlined processes for everything from scheduling to emails to investment models
  • System for doing client Surge Meetings


Matthew’s practice exceeds all these measurements, as do many of the practices who follow his advice.